Friday, December 01, 2006

page 6 2006

results of the year 2006

the start was in Croix this year, where Dirk had an happy landing and the rest of the team had to clean up his bike for Assen. Dirk, happy with the support, wanted some more of that. So he did it again!


At Nurnburg in May all went well, except my new close-gearbox, didn't do what it was sup-post to do. With some scary moments. Then in the third lap at the end of start and finish it was over and out, no more traction.

At Schleiz in Germany we had nice weather, beer, etc. But still major troubles with the old ladies gearbox. Missing gears up and down I had to struggle my way amongst fat German BMW's and Jap kamikaze. Best man was Eric on his Norton.

The trac is beautiful but very tricky

Spa-Francorchamps we always have a good time. The best track to be, three days of perfect weather and driving.