Monday, December 01, 2008

page 8 2008


The year 2008 started at Croix, a small nice trac in the north of France. Dirk, Rob and me went there for the one day event by bus with three Rob North triples. All-ways an early event, a 4 hours ride to get there and to get ready. Stress to get things right, battery seemed to be to low (Lucas - Prince of darkness), but finely we were of.

Dirk was OK with his new outfit.

Jan van de Bossche was there
with his fast triple.

May 2008 After that we returned to Dyon, the Coupe Moto Legende, always a great weekend. Many fiends over the years. We joined the paddock with Ron and Angela Chandler. I always wonder how this triple makes such impressive sound.

in June the others were off to Spa, Eric and I decided to go for Chimay. The celebration of the long track. the road circuit was brought back to the old 10 km. I was a difficult choice but we made the right decision, no commerce, but the real old sport.

I took the two bikes with my "grand old" Citroen lady to Chimay. With Eric Casius and his fab. Norton and his dear old Bedfort, we had a great weekend.

The track was assume, as you can see on the video, gearing problems on the fast lane where due to some frustrating moments.

I ran out of petrol with the green old lady and (what a shame) I lost the battery from the Rob North.

I wonder why he's brought the fourth beer for?
w'are staying triple, I hope!