Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Back at Dyon in 2009

Lots of Classics 

MOTO LEGENDE                                            Dijon; Coupe Moto Legende.

At Zolder, the old F1 circuit in Belgium we had a one day event. Relaxt, because they close at noon for two hours to have lunch. What to do, play scrabble? 


At Chimay, with "unapproachable Eric" we had finally a race weekend again. This time, as a celebration of Chimay, the old "long" racetrack was once again open. About 10 km long.

Due to a bad functioning rev counter and  wrong gearing the BSA was not successful. The old T150 did her job. But the impression of the track is still nice.


The weekend at Cadwell was relaxed, 

good weather, for once and a lot of nice people

Martin Russell


Rob and Rob North

Percy, the parcel man,