Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Back at Dyon in 2009

Lots of Classics 

MOTO LEGENDE                                            Dijon; Coupe Moto Legende.

At Zolder, the old F1 circuit in Belgium we had a one day event. Relaxt, because they close at noon for two hours to have lunch. What to do, play scrabble? 


At Chimay, with "unapproachable Eric" we had finally a race weekend again. This time, as a celebration of Chimay, the old "long" racetrack was once again open. About 10 km long.

Due to a bad functioning rev counter and  wrong gearing the BSA was not successful. The old T150 did her job. But the impression of the track is still nice.


The weekend at Cadwell was relaxed, 

good weather, for once and a lot of nice people

Martin Russell


Rob and Rob North

Percy, the parcel man,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

page 1, the beginning 1972 -1979

Triple's, started in 1972; when I sold my dear old Triton and bought a one year old Trident. My Chopper time was over, I was more in for speed and "modern" technics, it ended in technics.

The new bike was a 1969 model that started here life in Holland in 1971 It was a slightly modified triple with Ceriani GP shocks and a Ceriani four-leading shoe brake. It appeared to be a very reliable machine

My next bike was the ''71 Fastback", but sold after a few years, to much trouble. One Brit is enough, so the Trident is still here. But now, I now miss the bottom power and the good looks.

The following years, holidays were spent as giant spare tours to collect all sorts of racing parts as well as meeting lots of new friends. So I found my way to Silverstone.

Production 750 race at Silverstone in 19??, Less Williams on the Son of Sam. That race, overall winner Alex George took second place after Gus Kuhn's BMW (nr. 37)

the bike is now owned by John Young.

In 1976 on our trip to Less Williams (yes, for spare parts) Dirk broke down in the poring rain, just in front of a Suzuki dealer. Inside I recognised the owner: Percy Tait, he kindly brought us to Less. There we met Martin Russell.

When you have once seen the parcel man, you will never forget him.

Martin Russell in 1976, with the most advanced triple (he) ever made. Martin and Les Williams enthusiasted Dirk and me to start working on triples. Martin did the first job on the cylinder head, carbs and the special three-in-to-two exhaust and some other special parts.

One of the first pictures at Zandvoort 1978,
the bike is still classic black. At the back the blue and red triples from Rob and Rob

This is a early Unicorn event some years later at Zandvoort in 1978 or 79? (the old long circuit). Here I take the "stock" Triple (standard frame) to the Hunzerug. Notice the Russell exhoust system! The bike still runs with 19" rims. A year later, more body work was done and the Boyer exhaust was mounted, more top power, but not so smooth as with Rayguns.

Monday, December 01, 2008

page 8 2008


The year 2008 started at Croix, a small nice trac in the north of France. Dirk, Rob and me went there for the one day event by bus with three Rob North triples. All-ways an early event, a 4 hours ride to get there and to get ready. Stress to get things right, battery seemed to be to low (Lucas - Prince of darkness), but finely we were of.

Dirk was OK with his new outfit.

Jan van de Bossche was there
with his fast triple.

May 2008 After that we returned to Dyon, the Coupe Moto Legende, always a great weekend. Many fiends over the years. We joined the paddock with Ron and Angela Chandler. I always wonder how this triple makes such impressive sound.

in June the others were off to Spa, Eric and I decided to go for Chimay. The celebration of the long track. the road circuit was brought back to the old 10 km. I was a difficult choice but we made the right decision, no commerce, but the real old sport.

I took the two bikes with my "grand old" Citroen lady to Chimay. With Eric Casius and his fab. Norton and his dear old Bedfort, we had a great weekend.

The track was assume, as you can see on the video, gearing problems on the fast lane where due to some frustrating moments.

I ran out of petrol with the green old lady and (what a shame) I lost the battery from the Rob North.

I wonder why he's brought the fourth beer for?
w'are staying triple, I hope!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

page 7 2007

At the end of 2006 I was offered the opportunity to buy a special triple. The legendary story of the old bike in the shed.
The bike was build by Norman Miles and I was told to be raced by Tony Osbourne before it was sold to Jan Braas.
The bike raced successfully in Holland till 1982, then it was put in a barn where it stayed for several years.
The winter of 2007 was a lot of work, restoring and checking the bike. The bike has a BSA engine and no frame or engine number on it. Many special parts where fitted, Magnesium hubs, Mahle pistons, unknown camshafts, etc. The rear Dunlop tire dated 1978! The former owner, Jan, claims it was Miles first build bike, Tony Page explained that the first four bikes had no numbers.So it is up to Norman to tell.

The first outing was Nurburgring in April, but it was no success. Battery and carb problems, very tiring.

Because Dirk had engine troubles just before the Coupe Moto Legende at Dyon we took both bikes to France. I was exited to be able to see the bike on the track. My old lady ran perfectly till the last run when I found out the rear wheel bearing had given up. But by then the Miles engine was running perfect.

And Dirk found out that handling is far out, while the power comes in at more than 6500 rpm, but than there is plenty of it.

Spa Francorchaps was a party (as you can see on Youtube), three Rob North triples running perfectly.

Then the last outing was at Gedinne in Belgium. Together with good old Norton Eric we went into the Ardennes. The trac appeared to be a country road that was not been improved since the battle of the Bulge in 45. There we met to my surprise Norman Miles, he immediately recognised the bike. We had a very nice meeting and a lot of talk, but his memory... it is still not clear if the bike is his first or second.

Unfortunately the weekend was no success, the long frame and the old type racing cams made it very difficult to handle at the small twisty track. Several accidents gave it a sad end with a deadly accident on Sunday.

Norman Miles and his bike.

Friday, December 01, 2006

page 6 2006

results of the year 2006

the start was in Croix this year, where Dirk had an happy landing and the rest of the team had to clean up his bike for Assen. Dirk, happy with the support, wanted some more of that. So he did it again!


At Nurnburg in May all went well, except my new close-gearbox, didn't do what it was sup-post to do. With some scary moments. Then in the third lap at the end of start and finish it was over and out, no more traction.

At Schleiz in Germany we had nice weather, beer, etc. But still major troubles with the old ladies gearbox. Missing gears up and down I had to struggle my way amongst fat German BMW's and Jap kamikaze. Best man was Eric on his Norton.

The trac is beautiful but very tricky

Spa-Francorchamps we always have a good time. The best track to be, three days of perfect weather and driving.